we back at it again

Townies 2 sub post

And we’re back!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟
Issue 1 has been lit (more on that soon) and I’m ready to do it again, bigger, sharper, and sexier!

To reiterate, we’re looking for art, photography, and writing from POC and QTPOC folks who are from or currently live in suburban/rural/small town America that in some way, directly or abstractly, addresses that experience. Spread the word and send all submissions and inquiries to townieszine@gmail.com

**I also want to add that in the process of talking to friends and collaborators about this project, I’ve realized that reflecting on this specific experience brings up pain/trauma for a lot of people and can be difficult to revisit or translate into art. But I’d like to remind everyone thinking of submitting that joyful experiences are welcomed and encouraged also! I started this project intending it to be a celebration of suburban/rural towns as much as a critique and analysis. Though there were some shitty aspects of growing up where I did, I also love a lot of aspects about my town(s) and have many favorite places and fond memories and lasting friendships. So if instead of focusing on the bad parts, you want to write an essay that’s an ode to your town’s local jam band, or do a photo series about the parking lot where you and your friends used to bullshit, that’s cool too! πŸ’™


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