Returning To The Fold

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I haven’t updated the site in a MINUTE (plz see me on Instagram for more accurate and timely updates) so I thought I’d do a post sharing what I’ve been up to with TOWNIES since I last shared my hopes and dreams with you all.

A lot!  I’ve been up to a lot, and I’m very thankful for that.  Some highlights:

  • Townies was displayed at a pop-up booth at the Satellite Art Show during Miami Art Week, courtesy of our good friends Susie Magazine.
  • Sold zines alongside South Asian Diasporia Artists Collective and others at Columbia University.
  • Exhibited at the Brown Paper Zine and Small Press Fair at Barnard Hall, presented by 3 Dot Zine and Studio Museum in Harlem.
  • Hosted a pop-up market and reading with some of my favorite zine makers and writers at Miranda Kuo Gallery, courtesy of the FREE SPACE initiative.
  • Aaaannd… Issue 1 of Townies is now available for purchase online and in-store at Printed Matter!

The first issue of Townies has brought me incredible joy, amazing opportunities, and great new friends.  So, I’m more than ready to take the second issue from a dream to a reality!  I know I’ve posted asking for submissions before, but this time I really mean it!!  I want this next issue to be bigger and better and I can’t do it without you!  For inspiration, please refer to the first issue and our mission.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The new submissions deadline is SEPTEMBER 30, 2018.  

love you and hope to hear from you very soon!!

Open Submission for Issue 2



Hi. This I the photo from the back cover of the first issue of Townies. I love it because I took it on a disposable camera when I was in the 3rd grade, but I still really love it now and it makes me feel deeply connected to the child I was then, as well as where I was when I took it (home). I’m so happy that I was able to put together this zine and also so grateful for the interactions I’ve had with so many beautiful people of all ages and backgrounds about growing up “different” in small towns, whether they manifested in heartfelt conversations or just wise, knowing looks. Taking on this project has been really valuable to me, but it’s also not about me. More than anything I want to give a voice and a community for everyone who thought they were alone, both then and now. All of which is to say that I would really love for anyone who relates to the message of Townies (and I know so many of you do!) to share your stories and experiences with me so that I can share them with the 🌍. Previously I stated that submissions for the 2nd issue closed on Nov. 5, but I’m leaving them open on a rolling basis, at least until I have enough to put together the second issue. Im so excited with what I have so far, and I’m even more pumped to keep going but I really need your help to make something beautiful and meaningful. I want so badly to hear from you and spread our collective light!💕🌻🏠🌠

we back at it again

Townies 2 sub post

And we’re back!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟
Issue 1 has been lit (more on that soon) and I’m ready to do it again, bigger, sharper, and sexier!

To reiterate, we’re looking for art, photography, and writing from POC and QTPOC folks who are from or currently live in suburban/rural/small town America that in some way, directly or abstractly, addresses that experience. Spread the word and send all submissions and inquiries to

**I also want to add that in the process of talking to friends and collaborators about this project, I’ve realized that reflecting on this specific experience brings up pain/trauma for a lot of people and can be difficult to revisit or translate into art. But I’d like to remind everyone thinking of submitting that joyful experiences are welcomed and encouraged also! I started this project intending it to be a celebration of suburban/rural towns as much as a critique and analysis. Though there were some shitty aspects of growing up where I did, I also love a lot of aspects about my town(s) and have many favorite places and fond memories and lasting friendships. So if instead of focusing on the bad parts, you want to write an essay that’s an ode to your town’s local jam band, or do a photo series about the parking lot where you and your friends used to bullshit, that’s cool too! 💙




For anyone who’s been interested in buying a copy of the first issue of TOWNIES:

I will be selling the zine THIS SATURDAY, July 22nd, at SECRET PROJECT ROBOT (1186 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221) as part of BUFU’s Open Market from 2-10pm!!!

Plz come thru to buy one, support me, support independent art/publishing, support BUFU‘s amazing month of programming, and also Papi Juice is having a cookout and market there at the same time so it’s gonna b a partee regardless!!